Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy Braided Pigtails, Mary Anne!

So I haven't really decided what I want this blog to be. I like the idea of a style blog because I really enjoy experimenting with clothing and design/art, but I think this will just be what I like to call a "creative space". A place for music, art, writing, clothing....rants. I find myself ranting quite often, so many of those might find their way on here. Either way, I'm pretty new to the whole 'blogosphere' (as my English teacher last year called that even a real term?? who knows. Never mind I looked it up on Wikipedia...and it exists...). This should probably have been my first post, or at least a separate one, but I'm too excited - I have oodles (a groan for that is probably a given) more to post.
So, today I was walking around downtown in my city and I discovered that the eleven-year-old in me is still alive and kicking; in fact, she probably has control over like 90% of my prefrontal cortex. Anyways (that is relevant information, I promise) I walked into this vintage store in the semi-hipster/semi-place-where-people-who-are-drunk-at-2pm-and-homeless-people-hang-out part of the down town where I found this white blouse with a huge collar and an embroidered lace trim. Now, call me eleven, but the first thing I thought was, "Sweet! This is exactly like something Mary Anne Spier from The Baby-sitters Club would wear." So, obviously, I bought it. I have to stop doing that. Buying things, I mean, because I am quickly running out of money.

Outfit 'parts': thrift store 3-bow Mary Janes, white socks, blue linen-like pleated shorts (Forever21), thrift store white blouse, oversize red cardigan (Joe Fresh), pink beaded strand necklace (Forever 21), black bow headband (Aldo Accessories), brown fake leather bag (Target).

The collar kind of also reminds me of a clown or a girls' school uniform from 1920 or something, but I love it. I'm really digging collars lately.

This is the bag I've been using a lot lately. It kind of reminds me of a hipster train bag, but it's much smaller and a heck of a lot easier to lug around with me everywhere. It's a pretty good size for holding books and pencils,too - even pretty big books, for that matter, like Polaroids From the Dead, the book I'm reading right now, by Douglas Coupland (author of  JPod and Generation X among many others). It's all about the wave of popularity among young people the Grateful Dead received in the late 1980s after they put videos on MTV and how the old Deadheads react. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I find it pretty comforting for some reason, maybe because all the stories are so short. I guess I'm getting pretty off-topic considering this was supposed to be about my love of the BSC but, hey who doesn't love a good tangent every now and again?

Oh Baby-Sitters Club how I love, thee. I even bought all the Scholastic "Graphix" graphic novel adaptations, but they didn't really get the fashion right. I mean, come on!! Anybody who read any of these books (there are hundreds to chose from) should know that fashion played a huge role in the series. Take Stacey and Claudia, for instance, they are the kind of people who would have had their own fashion blogs -- if there had been internet in 1986 -- and look at the cover on the right. Does. Not. Compute. Actually many fans have made blogs devoted entirely to the BSC and their fashion statements: What Claudia Wore , for instance. There's more, I'm just too lazy to link them. Ladedadada.

I've been listening to a lot of The Dead lately. Mary Anne's dad would probably not approve.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ice Cream on a Sunday

It's the May long weekend here in Canada and what better way to spend it than going for a leisurely walk, buying 99 cent slurpies and hot fudge sundaes? I thought it would be a good day to break out my 40s inspired dress I got from Forever 21 and 50s-ish cardigan. Finally a day when tights aren't necessary to prevent frost-bitten knees!