Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You saw me dancing alone/Without a dream in my heart

So I had thought that being here in Quebec, living in the dorms, I would find more time to blog. Sadly, it is obviously not the case considering its been over two weeks since I posted... But I do have things to post and I am taking the time to do it (i.e. procrastinating and blogging instead of studying for my mid-term exam tomorrow (I'd say my priorities are in the right order)). So my program has a big dance every Thursday night and last Thursday it was "Retro Disco" (here disco just means a dance or a dance club, so anything vintage-y was acceptable attire). My friends and I all braved the Quebec bus system (which is really efficient compared to back home) and found a Village des Valeurs (Value Village) and bought costumes. I didn't really feel dressed up though, because I would wear my costume any day, but I was very dressed up compared to most people. I was really excited that it would be a 50s-style dance, because our councilors had been practicing swing dancing that week, but the only 'oldies' they played were YMCA and songs from Grease - the rest was just Black Eyed Peas and other stuff I don't really like. And most people went in supposedly-eighties 'tight 'n' bright', which was surprising for me, but I guess other people don't really get into things like this as much as me and my friends.
 I absolutely love 50s dances and nostalgic high school prom-y pictures, songs and movies. I like to believe high school was a fun and wholesome experience at some point in time. But, actually I just wish I was in a 50s movie where women are respected and there is a lot of swing dancing.

One of my favourite episodes of My So-Called Life is the halloween episode with the 1950s ghost and all the Blue Moon playing in the background. God I want to have a real retro dance :)
 Pre-dance Ayla and Nathalie in their outfits,Ayla looking particularly fabulous with her neckerchief and Clara Bow haircut.
 Nathalie and I before the dance. I was going fora 50s-ish outfit, but I had to go with what I could find at Village des Valeurs. I sort of mixed eras with the 30s-ish beads and hair, but I felt pretty awesome, so who cares. Thrifted dress, H&M shoes, homemade head wrap, Forever 21 belt and beads.
 Abbey, me and Nathalie. I absolutely loved Abbey's 40s pin-up girl hair and tried to get her to do the same with my bangs, but I didn't have enough hair. I think she made my hair look pretty awesome, though. This picture pretty much conveys how uncharacteristically crazy I was at the dance. Ayla and I (although particularly Ayla) were insane dancing demons. And despite people thinking otherwise, we consumed no alcohol. It is possible to have fun dancing like a maniac while sober...

Since I am going to be a bad blogger and try to cram everything semi-interesting in my life this past two weeks into one post, this will probably be long and not really all that well connected. Anyhow, a girl at my program is also really interested in art and drawing and shared a sketchbook challenge with me. Its supposed to be completed withing 30 days, one sketch a day, but I haven't been too diligent. Mostly I've been ignoring the assignments and just drawing my friends over and over again.
 Supposed to be Ayla
Nathalie, whom I drew on the bus before a very long field trip.

More 50s ballad-style inspiration. And Twin Peaks, which I have been meaning to re-watch lately, because the first season is possibly the best thing ever and because I haven't seen it in over a year.

I feel bad because this post is so badly organized and there are probably a billion grammatical errors which are going to drive me crazy, but I just had to post, even though I could only take 30 minutes out of my day to do it. Hopefully, I will find time this week to post again, and maybe a better quality post, but I think for me, the most important thing is just that I post at all. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Parlez-vous Fran├žais? And a GHOSTWORLD COLLAR

I haven't been a very dedicated blogger as of late. But there's a reason behind it...I'm in Quebec for a summer French language program! Luckily, I do have an internet connection in my dorm room (which is a single room and very tiny) so I should have more time to blog now that I'm actually here. I could only bring so much clothing, though. Which is probably a good thing, because it means I'll just have to be more creative with what I have. There are also really good vintage and thrift stores (and an H&M, which we don't have in my home province) close by. Therefore, I am excited to go off campus. It's also very hot and muggy here in Eastern Canada. I think I am doomed to have a sweaty brow and upper lip for the next five weeks. Maybe that will just be my new 'thing'.

On another note, I finished my Ghost World Seymour collar the night before I left for Quebec. I have to say I am pretty proud of the result.
I silk screened an image I put together on Photoshop of Steve Buscemi as Seymour from Ghost World onto the collar of a shirt I bought at Good Will for four dollars. Then I cut the collar off and opened up the bottom seam, removed excess fabric and slip stitched it shut.
Wearing my new collar.
An Enid-inspired outfit. Miu Miu-inspired Ghost World Collar, Bad Taste "Killer" t-shirt, Heritage 1981 skirt, Roots socks and thrifted Bass loafers (or lounge slippers. Whatever you want to call them).
Outfit Inspiration.

Me again.
Bass loafers. I had been dying to get a pair of Rachel Antonoff Bass shoes or a good pair of loafers and then the other day at Value Village, just sitting on the shelf in the size six women's shoes section, were these babies. Bass for just seven dollars.

The view from my dorm room. There are so many trees and the topography is a very hilly. We have nothing like that in the prairies.
I don't know if any of you noticed the increase in my photo quality. Well, they are much better quality, in case you hadn't... That's because I finally got a brand spanking new camera. It is gorgeous and I am guarding it with my life.
These pictures suck because they are taken using my web cam.

 I took Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth with me to read on the plane and in my spare time. I've always felt that the amount of pressure on women to look a certain way and fit into an accepted standard of beauty (one which few women are "lucky" enough to possess ) was unfair, but I had never really considered the extent to which women are oppressed by said standard. To tell the truth, I have never been extremely conscious of women's issues or considered myself a feminist, but reading this book is really opening up my eyes. As I was reading it on the plane, I found myself getting mad. But a good mad. A mad that is productive.
Some lighter reading for the trip. My friend gave me this book last year and I was supposed to read it and pass it on to my other two friends. I never did, but it's never too late.

A wonky and cool-looking mirror in my dorm room.
This song always makes me think of the prairies. It's a good kind of homesick.

Friday, July 1, 2011

With glowing hearts we see thee rise

It's Canada Day, so I wanted to show some love to some of my favourite Canucks.

Paul Anka
Jay Baruchel and Elisha Cuthbert

Emily Haines
Emily Carr
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell
Natalie MacMaster

John K Sampson
Chris Leavins
(I just found all these images through Google, I don`t own any of them)
I highly recommend you check out all of these highly talented individuals. Especially Chris Leavins, partly because he has his own cat website and partly because he is just so funny. You should also download his podcast for free on iTunes. And watch him as Atticus Murphy Jr. on Todd & the Book of Pure Evil.

The message is a little 'outdated'...but whatever. It's Atticus Murphy Jr