Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey, you! Nancy Drew!

I haven't posted on a regular basis for a long time (or ever, really), but here's to hoping that this year will be different! I spent my winter break trying to get organized and learning how to avoid stress-induced mental breakdowns so I'll be ready for the next set of school exams (sort of joking!). I've also been watching the 2007 version of Nancy Drew starring Emma Roberts nearly once a day. I'm pretty much obsessed - I just can't help being mesmerized  by her classic vintage style and impeccable organizational skills. I tried to organize my room as nicely as Nancy would, but I don't think it will ever be quite there.

I've always loved Nancy Drew - especially the computer games. I'm pretty sure I have at least 20 of them, but I'm not so sure how many of them I actually finished. I used to read some of the books, but I didn't really like them because they always just talk about how rich and smart and beautiful and graceful etc etc Nancy is. Sometimes Nancy is just too perfect. However, I do really like her and her style in the movie. I never used to like Emma Roberts, but I think she was just perfect as Nancy Drew!

As a celebration of my newly cleaned room, I decided to finally do an outfit post, since I now have a space where I can take pictures without tripping and killing myself over stacks of books, clothes and garbage. I tried to put together some Nancy-inspired outfits!

I'm too lazy to do captions so here's a list of what I'm wearing:
Look 1:
  • grey wool blazer: Gap from thrift store
  • herringbone shirt: thrift 
  • pleated pant: Forever 21
  • loafers: Bass from thrift store
  • necklace: used to be my Grandma's
Look 2:
  • plaid skirt: Forever 21
  • blazer: Zellers
  • shirt: vintage
  • socks: Urban Outfitters
  • bag: target
Look 3:
  • dress: Forever 21
  • spoon necklace: made for me by my lovely friend Sarah
  • socks: Forever 21
  • flower crown: made by me
As an aside, when I showed my mom my spoon necklace, she asked me if it was for crack. I still think it's lovely though haha. Also I know about two months ago I mentioned the short film I am working on - well I didn't lie, I am still in the process of editing. So...basically what I am saying is, it might appear here someday this year. I think I'm getting credit for it for Creative Writing at school, so that'll probably force me to finish it.