Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yeah, so it's been.... a while. I just finished school, so I guess this post is better late-ish than never!

What do these images all have in common? Dancing, high school, wait for it....wait for it.... THE PROM. Okay so technically these are all just dances if you want to get nitty-gritty about it, but anyways it's my obligatory prom post! My school's prom was about a week and a half ago and yep I went. Well, we call it 'grad', but it's essentially the same thing as a pom except there is no crowning of high school royalty and there's a cash bar.

I reeeeally wanted to wear this gorgeous Christopher Kane dress (I can't find a picture of it now, but its got a plunging neckline made of jelly-filled plastic), but I didn't really have a budget in the thousands. So I found this vintage dress from the 50s on etsy, and luckily when it came in the mail, it was exactly my size! I know it's technically "mixing eras" , but I got my hairdresser to do a nice big finger wave with my bangs for some extra fun!

My clutch, which broke halfway through the night but was pretty while it lasted (thrifted)
Bust and skirt details
red suede wedges from aldo

I can't believe I'm almost all done high school! My high school convocation is tomorrow :O. How bizarre. I'm excited to start university in the fall and make new friends, though (I got into art school!). I'm hoping this four month summer means I'll get some serious blogging done (haha who am I kidding).

I can only hope my convo goes something a little like this.