Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You saw me dancing alone/Without a dream in my heart

So I had thought that being here in Quebec, living in the dorms, I would find more time to blog. Sadly, it is obviously not the case considering its been over two weeks since I posted... But I do have things to post and I am taking the time to do it (i.e. procrastinating and blogging instead of studying for my mid-term exam tomorrow (I'd say my priorities are in the right order)). So my program has a big dance every Thursday night and last Thursday it was "Retro Disco" (here disco just means a dance or a dance club, so anything vintage-y was acceptable attire). My friends and I all braved the Quebec bus system (which is really efficient compared to back home) and found a Village des Valeurs (Value Village) and bought costumes. I didn't really feel dressed up though, because I would wear my costume any day, but I was very dressed up compared to most people. I was really excited that it would be a 50s-style dance, because our councilors had been practicing swing dancing that week, but the only 'oldies' they played were YMCA and songs from Grease - the rest was just Black Eyed Peas and other stuff I don't really like. And most people went in supposedly-eighties 'tight 'n' bright', which was surprising for me, but I guess other people don't really get into things like this as much as me and my friends.
 I absolutely love 50s dances and nostalgic high school prom-y pictures, songs and movies. I like to believe high school was a fun and wholesome experience at some point in time. But, actually I just wish I was in a 50s movie where women are respected and there is a lot of swing dancing.

One of my favourite episodes of My So-Called Life is the halloween episode with the 1950s ghost and all the Blue Moon playing in the background. God I want to have a real retro dance :)
 Pre-dance Ayla and Nathalie in their outfits,Ayla looking particularly fabulous with her neckerchief and Clara Bow haircut.
 Nathalie and I before the dance. I was going fora 50s-ish outfit, but I had to go with what I could find at Village des Valeurs. I sort of mixed eras with the 30s-ish beads and hair, but I felt pretty awesome, so who cares. Thrifted dress, H&M shoes, homemade head wrap, Forever 21 belt and beads.
 Abbey, me and Nathalie. I absolutely loved Abbey's 40s pin-up girl hair and tried to get her to do the same with my bangs, but I didn't have enough hair. I think she made my hair look pretty awesome, though. This picture pretty much conveys how uncharacteristically crazy I was at the dance. Ayla and I (although particularly Ayla) were insane dancing demons. And despite people thinking otherwise, we consumed no alcohol. It is possible to have fun dancing like a maniac while sober...

Since I am going to be a bad blogger and try to cram everything semi-interesting in my life this past two weeks into one post, this will probably be long and not really all that well connected. Anyhow, a girl at my program is also really interested in art and drawing and shared a sketchbook challenge with me. Its supposed to be completed withing 30 days, one sketch a day, but I haven't been too diligent. Mostly I've been ignoring the assignments and just drawing my friends over and over again.
 Supposed to be Ayla
Nathalie, whom I drew on the bus before a very long field trip.

More 50s ballad-style inspiration. And Twin Peaks, which I have been meaning to re-watch lately, because the first season is possibly the best thing ever and because I haven't seen it in over a year.

I feel bad because this post is so badly organized and there are probably a billion grammatical errors which are going to drive me crazy, but I just had to post, even though I could only take 30 minutes out of my day to do it. Hopefully, I will find time this week to post again, and maybe a better quality post, but I think for me, the most important thing is just that I post at all. :)

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  1. Oh, how I just love looking at old dance photos(doesn't it look like they were having such a grand ol' time) and I also like that particular episode of MSCL.Seems as though it must have been fun.