Friday, March 23, 2012

Blee Blaa Blo Blue

I am incredibly peeved with the current state of an essay I have been writing for my Western Civ class for the last two weeks, so I figured it might be good for my constitution to take a break. A break that is productive (as in blogging for once) rather than just watching Weird Al's cameos on this weeks 30 Rock over and over.

Technically my post today is not really about fashion. Well, no, I guess some of it is. Okay, yes it is. Anyways, what I have been doing when I'm not blogging (aka what I have been doing for the past three months! ) is working on my art portfolio. I am hoping to get into the fine arts program at a university in my city and am reeeally super excited for next year because I love art. I thought it would be cool to share some of my portfolio pieces that are more fun - I always like looking at what comes out of other peoples' heads.

In my portfolio I am including the short film I shot in November and just finally finished editing (YAYAYA it's about finally time!) which I have mentioned before and never posted because it wasn't done, but now it's done so ya. The video is called Daydreamer and was just me letting my imagination run wild while exploring ideas of subconscious and dreaming and growing up, so I hope you enjoy! My awesome friend Ayla was kind enough to let me film her for hours and hours in a row while putting up with my crazy demands like, "would it be okay if I covered your face in skeleton makeup? I just feel like that would be fun!" and "run run run! Run like you're running a marathon! Now stop! No - I mean keep running!" etc...

My friend Callen and I have also been working on a fashion piece made out of only recycled materials as a fun challenge/school art project. We wanted to create a sort of "washed-up beauty queen" type of look. We turned:
an old blue sweater, two gorgeous/ugly wedding dresses, and old denim shirt and a bunch of painted shells we got from a charity shop into:
long tulle skirt (from 90's wedding dress), shell crown and shel and pearl necklace (old home decor shells and pearls from other wedding dress), crop top w/ low back and lace trim (old sweater, bits of lace from wedding dresses), skirt (old denim shirt)

We had a preeeetty fun time putting it all together, and we were pretty pleased with ourselves so we decided to do a photoshoot, which we wanted to do at the beach, but although the weather is waay too nice for March, it was still too cold that morning, so we settled for a little park by the river. I took photos and Callen modeled. I'm hoping to somehow include this in my art portfolio too, but as a group effort

The photos aren't the greatest because I had the camera on a wonky setting, but you get the picture!


  1. Great idea! love this outfit!


  2. so creative!

    view and follow?

  3. I think that if you'll find some nice edits, these pics would me amazing <3

  4. This is cute. You look gorgeous.

  5. That video is really sweet-good work! Love the seashell jewellery too!

  6. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  7. this outfit is awesome :)