Sunday, June 26, 2011

House Cleaning Gems

 So today I wasn't going to post anything because I was supposed to be cleaning my house because I'm having a school's over BBQ/N64 party in a few days. But when I was cleaning I found all sorts of awesome things in my house I had completely forgotten that I owned. Like a genuine crystal ball my aunt bought for me fifteen years ago when she was in China. :O Pretty happy I found that. And a Pokemon tin full of my old 'crystals' and semi precious stones I used to use in grade five or six to 'cast spells' 'n stuff. Then I was cleaning out my comic book box (well, more like reading and not cleaning) and I found all these old Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura and Barbie comics I had forgotten about. All in all it was a goooood day. I also took the liberty of cleaning out my mom's closet and found this old wool (correction: linen blend. oups) plaid button front skirt and got really excited and stole it because she hasn't worn it in twenty plus years. It's too big for me so I've got a safety pin in the back and I'll have to alter it someday.

 My mom's old skirt, Bloch bodysuit from when I used to be a baton twirler, 50s style thrifted cardigan and thrifted sunglasses. Neon Pink Body Shop lipstick.
 Beat up oxfords from Spring (I think it's called Call It Spring in the states)
I also found my old Card Captor Sakura cosplay costume from when I was twelve. My lovely mother made it for me. It took her forever but I was sooo happy. I even had ears, a tail, spats and a wand my mom made for me to wear at an anime convention. I was hoping I could use the pinafore for something now but I tried it on and realized how much smaller I was when I was 12.
I went out for Chinese with my parents tonight and started doodling some designs on a napkin for the Ghost World collar I'm going to make. I can't start working on it for reals until I've scoured the house from top to bottom, tho. Although I did make a screen print template on photo shop for the Seymour cameo side. I'm not sure how its going to turn out though since I've never done any serious DIY screen printing before:)
I also found a J-pop CD my friends older sister gave to me for my tenth birthday with this song on it by Aya Matsuura. Happy happy!
JAPAN! CRAZY! CUTE! COLOUR! Sexy or cute; what type do you like? JUST. DRESS. HOW. YOU. FEEL. AYA. GAWD.


  1. Isn't cleaning house the best! I'm still trying to get threw my closet, lol. Your outfit is cute! Love the color cardi and the plaid skirt! And I LOVE Sailor Moon!!!! My mouth dropped when I saw the comic. Very nice!


  2. thanks for the lovely comment...glad you like my blog...and the ghost world collar is going to be just rad! id happily wear it!

  3. Lovely pictures!

    You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  4. Rediscovering treasures is the best! Sometimes almost better than buying something new since it's like finding an old friend.

  5. You pulled up a lot of lovely things. That pink dress is superb. And the gems and crystal ball are incredible. I read Tarot and runes and I love looking at different forms of divination.

    I'm going to follow you so that I can come back and see the Ghost World collar. That will be amazing! Seymour is a legend.

  6. Ahhh i adore your blog and am beaming by the fact that I'm on your sidebar - THANK YOU. Ghost World collar sounds amazing: go. do. it. now. The outfit looks great, gotta love tartan and a vintage cardie (i too love to go through my mum's things to find stuff). Oh and the crystals look so interesting, they remind me of the time when everyone was into trying crystal healing things because a magazine said so. Love your blog :) xxx

  7. This reminds me of things I would find in my childhood room, especially crystal balls and precious stones for casting spells! And I am such a fan of Sailor Moon as well (oh Tuxedo Max). Loving your outfit. The wool skirt is stunning and perfectly styled. Beautiful! xx

  8. Your blog is awesome! Its so cute and whimsical. I love that outfit, it's so quirky!
    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me?

  9. Ohh, its so awesome to find little treasures hidden around the house! Almost makes me wish I still lived at home.