Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loose ends and invisible roads

This is most likely going to be my last Quebec City-related post for at least a while. One really amazing experience I had in Quebec was getting the chance to see Cirque du Soleil perform. I didn't even see the truly spectacular shows they put on under the big top (which cost a pretty penny) - I saw a free performance in lower Quebec called Les Chemins Invisibles (invisible paths). I saw it twice, so the second time I focused more on photographing and taking videos because it was just too good not to remember. I thought it was amazing for 3 main reasons: 1 being its location and set design (it was held under an overpass with beautifully grafitied supports and the set was made up of a stage in front of shipping containers stacked on top of each other onto which was projected a video background with amazing visuals); 2 because of costume design (from far it just looked like everything was cool and went together well, but when you looked really close, the amount of detailing and all the subtleties of the costumes was mind boggling. My favourite was the King's costume) ;and 3 was because of the music (They had a live band, with a drummer inside a shipping container, an awesome guitar and piano player who skateboarded around the stage and a truly mesmerizing singer). Actually, the music is so good that if I they had it on a soundtrack (I checked - they don't), I would buy it. I even videotaped an entire act just so I could have the music.
The stage was huge and very complicated. In the centre was a tower-like structure with many different floors, including one with a table and phonograph. On the very top was the king's throne, encapsulated by snaking wire-like lights.
Very interesting details were all over the place when you looked closely at their costumes - like the many hats this man wore and the alligator (or maybe it's a crocodile?) draped around his shoulders.

The king's costume was my favourite. I would kill for some epaulets like those. And maybe a crown of Barbie legs and a steam punk-esque monocle goggle thing, too.
The singer played a role in the show as well, interacting with the other performers and acrobats.
The guitarist was very 1970s punk, with a kilt and everything.
The singer's costume really reminded me of that futuristic spacey pop star look from 1999 and Aqua (although her singing far surpassed anything produced by Aqua) and the king's crown was so awesome - I didn't realize that it was made of Barbie doll legs right away; it reminds me of this Stephen Jones hat.

So, if you find yourself in Quebec City this month, you should really go see Les Chemins Invisibles. I'd be really sorry to have missed the opportunity.

Take a listen to the audio clip I took at the performance. That lady's voice is amazing and hypnotic. I dreamed with this as a soundtrack once and it was the most relaxing and trance-like sleep I've ever had...very weird, but very very cool.

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