Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Side of Life

Lately I've been lying outside in my back yard thinking about how much fun I used to have during the summer (instead of having fun this summer...hmmmm, is there a lesson here?). I've also been reading a lot of end of summer blog posts and back to school blog posts and getting rather nostalgic and weepy (well, maybe not weepy). Then, the other day I stumbled upon this huge box filled with photos my mom took when I was small, most of them ranging from '95 to '99 and there were plenty of happy summer photos. Some of these are from my mom's photo collection (they used to call her The Crazy Camera Lady from Hell, because she was always making everybody pose for pictures) and others are just pictures I found that hit a soft spot for 90s summer nostalgia. I am definitely not ready to go back to school since it appears I am reverting to childhood.

[side note: sorry the picture sizes are all over the map, I had a heck of a time trying to format everything]

Some photos of me and my brother and various long-forgotten friends, Baby-Sitters Club Movie, Sweet Valley High, 90s beach Barbies, 90s Vogue, Sarah Sovereign

I spent the other day at the park with my friend. It was such a beautiful and clear day and I was feeling nostalgic as hell, so I took about a million photographs. I was also running around the field and shouting at one point, just to give you an idea of how stir crazy and antsy I'm getting about the summer ending and having done nothing of note with it yet. My friend was wearing an awesome Star Wars t-shirt, which then I guess helps tie this in with my 90s summer tribute. I had just learned how to tie one of those turban-style headbands on my head and was feeling like I should be a fortune teller or at least sitting around a camp fire late at night telling ghost stories with the Midnight Society (anybody else remember Are You Afraid of the Dark?).

I keep trying to think of what the perfect summer day would be. As if I could plan it. One that felt like something out of my childhood, yet still edging into the new and uncharted waters of my final teen years (well that sounds drippy, but I figure you'll get what I mean). But,c I think it's impossible to plan a day like that. They are far too similar in nature to beautiful summer days themselves: rare, fleeting and very difficult to appreciate until they've passed. So until summer ends and my final year of hi!school begins, I hope I will have the patience to appreciate the beauty of the summer before it's gone.
 Are You Afraid of the Dark? and some of my summer soundtrack:

Summer Side of Life - Gordon Lightfoot

Story I Heard - Blind Pilot

Round the Moon - Summer Camp

Late Great Cassiopeia - The Essex Green

Tornado '87 - Rural Alberta Advantage

May your rest of summer be magical.


  1. despite missing most of the decade, and not remembering any personal experiences (due to being a baby), i still feel a little nostalgic for the '90s. which leads to living vicariously through buffy summers and angela chase.
    thanks for your comment, by the way; witchy fashion is the best!

  2. An extremely awesome photo montage :) Even though I admit fully that I'm an autumn/winter girl. Nostalgia is tough. I get all kinds of weird feelings when it comes to anything before my teenage years. I feel like childhood was a different world and I was a different person..

    I love the outfit shoot. You two look painfully cool. :)

  3. Dear Emma! Sweet Valley High! I SO remember that!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm so glad you see all of those things in my work, it's kinda what I reached for :)
    I tried to make different digital worlds, to runaway to from real life. I love that you love it! On my art school nobody really understood what I was trying to say with the images... xxxx Afra