Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sad songs and insecurities bing bang boom

I've been terribly busy with school and such lately and I haven't really had too much time to blog. I spent the weekend in my grandparents' small town a few weeks ago and I took a bunch of pictures with a disposable Fujifilm camera. I also finally got around to dyeing my hair. My friend bleached it for me, but we got freaked out and took it off a bit early. It was quite yellow so I toned it twice with Manic Panic Virgin Snow then gave in and covered it in Pretty Flamingo for three hours. It turned out kind of strawberry-blonde/pinky peach. I like it, but I'm not so sure how long I'm going to keep it. I have grad photos in just over a month, so we'll see if I dye it back to 'normal'.


  1. very cool! i did my hair like this last year i think and the only thing with the pink was it didn't last very long. i really liked it! but don't tempt me to do it again, I'm trying not to kill my hair as i want it longer again!

  2. aaah les cheveux décolorés, pendant 2ans j'étais blonde platine, et même si à la fin j'ai du couper mes cheveux tout court tellement ils étaient destroy j'ai déjà envie de recommencer!!