Saturday, October 8, 2011

Religion, Philosophy, UFOs

 I was feeling down in the dumps today because I'm exhausted and it was miserably grey outside. To pull myself out of the doldrums, I rode my bike a half hour to the nearest Value Village to get my Halloween on. I had been planning on going as a fortune teller and I already had most of my costume, but I really wanted a wig. So I bought one. I'm not sure whether this is my official costume, but I had fun wearing it around my backyard taking photos. I really love the sheer button-up.

Everything is thrifted except for my boots (Spring, but they pinch my toes and I wear them anyway) crystal ball (found in my house) and headband (made by me). Wig is "Alter Ego" Value Village brand.

I'm feeling pretty spooky 'n whatnot so here are my 5 of my favourite Halloween movies/episodes:
1. Psycho
2. Sleepaway Camp
3. Something Wicked This Way Comes
4. My So-Called Life Halloween episode
5. Goosebumps "The Haunted Mask"

I'll probably think of even better ones later, but 'whatevs', as they say.

What are you going as for Halloween/What are your favourite Halloween movies?


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down in the dumps. Riding your bike is such a great way to put yourself into a better mood. The wig you got is great! Such a fun color. I'm thinking of being a ghost this halloween. It's my favorite holiday!

  2. thank you very much! :D
    cool costume! I love the blue wig! :D

  3. Something Wicked This Way comes is one of my ultimate fave movies! i love the story, and of course, Mr Dark, even if he is the evil guy!

    i love your whole outfit, i want all of it! the wig is cool! this reminds me i've been wanting a crystal ball, i really have to keep looking!

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Ah il faut que je trouve mon costume!! Je voulais me déguiser en Pamela de True Blood, mais pour trouver une perruque pas trop moche c'est hard!! En tout cas la tienne est trop bien!

  5. just found your blog and i love how you just colored your hair! super chic

  6. Well the wig is pretty sweet. You should def use it for future posts.

  7. this is ALL SORTS of amazing..... so good

  8. Hocus Pocus is hands down my favorite Halloween movie!

  9. this post is sooo cool!!!! I love your idea ;)

  10. Love the whole costume, so mysterious : )
    That wig looks lovely on you too!


  11. Sad face: I hope you're feeling happier soon! <3 You certainly look amazing! I love love love your costume! The wig is seriously amaaazing!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. omg I love your wig and your outfit!! I was thinking abiut getting a similar wig and now after seeing your pics I want one so badly!!!

  13. your costume is so cool,I really love your blog,I'm following hope you follow back.But I bought this crazy shiny blue dress so at first I was gonna go as alien sherif,but then I thought space cowboy was a MUCH cooler name.I love you wig xx

  14. You look awesome! I love your wig/hair and your silhouette so much :3