Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween isn't over until I say so

For Halloween yesterday I went in pretty much the same costume as I wore in my last post like three weeks ago, but I had on drag-ish makeup and wore a "turband". Sadly, I was the only person dressed up in all of my classes :( I was shocked by everyone's lack of Halloween spirit! Come on guys, step it up! DON'T YOU KNOW IT(was)'S HALLOWEEN!!! I didn't even take any pictures yesterday, so there won't be any evidence of my Halloween spirit. My Halloween night consisted of watching Community and RuPaul's Drag Race at my friends house, so that was preeeetty greeeeeeat. Look at me stretchin' out them vowels. But, no it was awesome.

I wasn't ready to give up Halloween yet today, so I put on my best version of a 'modern witch' outfit for school. It's the same blouse as I wore for my costume yesterday and it's perty dern sheer. When my mom picked me up from school, the first thing she said was "Your shirt is transparent. That's a bit innapropriate" and I said "But moooom, everybody else is doing it!" and that was the end of that. Peer pressure saves the day! But actually the number of bras I can see through peoples' shirts everyday is somewhat appalling. The one thing I can say in defense of the trend is that it is COMFY.

These be my pumpkins. I was impatient and the result was a one eyed cat and a Jordy cyclops pumpin. the nice one was carved by my friend.

Shoes thrifted Aldo, pantyhose from Joe, skirt from H&M, thrifted shirt, Forever21 blazer, my grandma's old necklace, Urban Decay eyeshadow as lipstick.

Oh yeah, my hair changed colour, too. It's been like this for a month, you just couldn't see it underneath my wig in my last post. My roots are growing pretty quickly, but I like them for two reasons: one, my head isn't too blindingly pale and reflective now that there's some darker shade underneath to neutralize it; two, my roots are a handy dandy guide as to how quickly my hair grows!

I'm really excited for this weekend because Im going to be shooting a short film for my art portfolio feauturing my amazing friend Ayla. I'm hoping it's going to be really innocent and girly and creepy (in the style of the Fitzgerald sisters' death photo montage from Ginger Snaps) at the same time, so check back in the future for at least some photos, if the video falls through! 


  1. I adore this look and your lip colour is fabulous, perfect for Halloween <3

  2. where i am there isnt much halloween spirit either. i really want to go somewhere i can have a real halloween!

    the halloween pumpkins are amazing and i love your lipstick!

    'but mum everyone is doing it'. lol, can't believe you convinced her with that. :)

    I;m excited to see the short film, I hope you'll post it. I love the movie Ginger Snaps! and the sequel!


  3. The pumpkins you carved look amazing! I miss halloween already. Love the blue lipstick too : )


  4. those pumpkins are really good! x

  5. Pretty cool pumpkin really like the colour of your lipstick!

  6. You look like a frickin real life girl witch!

    cast a spell on me
    make me beautiful
    make everyday halloween
    ask Salem for help!!!