Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are the birds going to eat us, Mama?

Yesterday I went to see Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds with my mother. A 35mm reprint was being shown at an art theater in my city called Cinematheque. It's a really great theater that shows all kinds of interesting and unusual movies and even though the screen is pretty small and there are no cup holders, it's always a great time. It was the first time I'd ever seen the movie all the way through and I loved it. I thought it was so fantastic how the movie starts out with you thinking it's going to be this coy little comedic love story and then, as we sophisticated movie critics say, the shit hits the fan. I was especially transfixed by Tippi Hedren's hair in the movie - which stayed plastered to her head through almost everything - drives on the highway to Bodega Bay and seagull attacks included. I wanted to try to do something fun and voluminous with my hair like Tippi's character, Melanie Daniels, had. My hair ended up being more so 50s inspired, but I was still pretty pleased with the results! Oh but also can we pause for a moment and just appreciate Jessica Tandy. When she first came on screen I was like, "wait a minute, how did Tippi's hair turn grey?" (That's some profound stuff right there.)

I'll probably do another post in the future with more from the movie. I'm maybe thinking of going as Melanie Daniels for Halloween... Here are some other 50s and 60s ish vibes I've been feeling lately.

Twin Peaks, unknown and I think Vogue, but I'm not too sure where I found it

Neeways, this is what I wore today. Although I didn't really go out anywhere so I just kind of sat around lamely in my basement listening to The Rolling Stones Flowers record and Joni Mitchell's Ladies of the Canyon. But I sat around lamely with pretty hair, that is the main point here, right? Right. Maybe I will go out and do something tonight, but I'm kind of hibernating because I am terrified of the fact that I am now a university student. And somehow I'm convinced that not leaving the house is helping.

 Cute flower or bitch face? The many faces of me.

My sweater is thrifted, pants are American Apparel, my pink shoes, which you can't see all that well, are thrifted also. My lipstick is Revlon I think maybe 'plum' or 'violet' or something. 
I'm going to go off and fret over my fleeting adolescence, have a good weekend you guys!

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  1. Great post. I'm pissed that it doesn't have a gazillion comments. I saw the birds with my mother too hahaha. I adored it. The ending just killed me. I was actually scared. I love the twin peaks photo. It's perf. You look super cute. Love the lipstick.