Monday, September 3, 2012

School Schmool

Lately I've been really Daniel Clowes-ing out and just watching Ghost World and Art School Confidential over and over and re-reading Ghost World. Coincidentally or not, I am also starting art school tomorrow. Whoo, first year of university here I come and I thank the heavens and Gwen Stefani that I am not going back to highschool. All I can say is that I hope I have a better art school experience than Daniel Clowes seems to have had.

What I really like about Daniel Clowes work is how he taps into all the awful dark crap most movies and people pretend don't exist/ignore. I find his stuff painful to read and Terry Zwigoff's movie adaptations kind of hard to watch, but I still love them. It's very reassuring to know someone out there is as cynical as I am, but also to see how Daniel Clowes has obviously succeeded and made a living out of his art, past traumas aside. The art in both of the movies drives me insane because it's so good. I absolutely love Daniel Clowes style and Enid's sketchbook is like the total embodiment of perfection. I recently got a haircut so my hair kind of looks a bit like Audrey's and then a bit like Enid's when I blow dry it. I also dyed bits of it purple on a whim yesterday. I was at my friends house yesterday with a bunch of people, eating pizza one minute and then the next, there was bleach and Punky Colors all over da place.

I have to go to an orientation for university tomorrow, which I don't really want to go to because I hate all those icebreaker games and always end up looking painfully awkward, but whatevs, I gotta go. I've put together my best tough girl I-don't-give-a-shit-about-what-you-think outfit for tomorrow though, so I'm a bit excited.
Basically everything is thrifted and my rings are from a small independent bookstore, but I was so excited when I found them! I hope all you guys out there heading back to school have a great first day! And here's hoping I won't fall into the category of "self-obsessed neurotic art girl"!


  1. I am a bit of a fan of Ghost World :) Especially the comic. Loving your outfit sweet x

  2. I am a huge fan of ghost world!!!!! Ahh!! Nice shoes!

    Love, polly :)

  3. first day of schools tomorrow, and I should really be getting to bed. But i love the photos, ghost world is great and i really need to get around to watching art shcool confidential. i hear many things about it. i love the rings! i nice touch to your outfit :)

    Check me out!

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  5. Your outfit is just lovely! You're going to art school, that's really cool! I love Ghost World.

  6. Your outfit is awesome! And I am in love with this Raptor tee :))