Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bitch's Brew

Once again, Halloween is over a month away, but what with the crispness of the wind and the turning of the leaves, I already can't hardly wait. I don't have a costume picked out or anything yet (although I am leaning towards either Melanie Daniels from The Birds or maybe a Gingersnaps costume...) but I've been excitedly collecting creepy, witchy inspiration! I also went to a goddess festival a few weeks ago, which was a very new and different experience for me, but it was also pretty cool. There were a lot ceremonies around a sacred fire and my friend Stephanie took plenty of witchy photos! I'm really feeling the strong, female, powerful vibes right now, especially with lots of white and flowers (the more sinister the context, the better!)
Photos from Deliver Us From Evil, Gingersnaps, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Satan's School for Girls, Heavenly Creatures, The Craft and unknown.

Goddess fest girls being witchy, me being a witch x2, me and friends being a girl gang
 And then like, yeah not to toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP (just a little Dance Moms Miami reference for ya there...) I kind of feel like the video I shot last October kind of really fits with these vibes, so ya... even though I've posted it on here before....

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  1. I'm all about this post, the Sabrina movie was THE BOMB!!! we should have a seance