Monday, September 10, 2012

the '70s-- Oh, my god, they obviously suck

My semi mood board thing of 70s summer fun. Vintage peasant blouse jacket thingy, vintage evening purse with broken chain, gold foil hearts I cut out of a gift bag, bracelet I made, flower crown and Joni Mitchel Ladies of the Canyon.
 I've been digging through my parents records lately and realized my parents actually had a lot of cool stuff bad in the 60s and 70s. I've basically just been sitting in my basement listening to these records and crying because Janis Ian and Joni Mitchel have been secretly reading my thoughts before I thought them, ya know?
I bought these records at a giant record sale at my local mall. I bought the Hugget Family just because I love crazy families that each play like 30 instruments and dress up together in Celtic costumes. Here's a cute pic of the Hugget family from the inside cover:
It also has a notice included:
If that doesn't make you run out to buy the Renaissance album, I don't know what will.

These are just some assorted inspiration pictures with some totally rad 70s vibes.

Anuschka Blommers and Niel Schumman, mine, unknown, unknown, Josh Bates, Collin Dogson, unknown, Cara Stricker and the rest unknown. I read the Virgin Suicides this summer and spent infinite nights watching great shows and movies set in the 70s like Dazed and Confuzed, Almost Famous, and Freaks and Geeks (ok, so 1980 for that one) and now my head is like a disco ball bouncing with images of peace and love and disco and drugs. And a wistfulness for summer.

I know I'm kind of late to be gushing about resort 2013 collections, but I really just need to freak out about Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs Resort 2013. They are very modern but also have very vintage 1960s and 70s elements which really appeal to my hippie disco ball.  I still don't really understand what this 'resort' season is, because I never get to go to a goddam resort in the middle of winter, but whatever, I'll run with it if I get to just look at these beautiful clothes!

I just really like all the little intricate details and fine, flowy fabrics. I especially like the sheerness of the first white dress (which actually manages to make a handkerchief hem work. I have always hated handkerchief hems, but this one is awesome!). And all the floral and paisley-ish and Indian-inspired prints manage to not look stuffy or boring, or like anything I've seen before.My favourites are the black dress with white floral overlay and the white daisy-like jacket. It's just all amazing!

As for Marc Jacobs, well, just about everything is crazy/insane/makes me want to break my jaw/gorgeous. The platform shoes are reason alone enough to make me love this! Because yes ok they are a wooden platform, but the angle of the heel and the platform just make it so much more visually interesting. As well as little details like a buckle in a contrasting colour or neat gem stones. Other details in the collection like the giant bows and intricate floral prints (which also manage to not be boring, by incorporating different patterns and other variations like shine) and the really nice cuts of the dresses with low backs and little cutouts really make this one stand out. The floral dresses with the giant bows almost look like they have mandarin collars!

ya this is the 60s, but I don't care :)

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